Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I was just about to give up on my CD player working again.  I constantly got CD error, could not eject,play or load CD's.  I was about to give up and consider service when going through your site I saw a suggestion to disconnect the battery a few minutes to serve a a reset.  Since I had nothing to lose I gave it a try, and when I got back in the car after reconnecting the battery the was a CD all ejected!  Got them to load, play eject......terrific!!!!  Thanks you so much for having this site....I am sure you saved me some money before going to the dealer or some other repair shop.  I am adding you to my favorite places so if i ever need your services again I'll be sure to find your site. My vehicle is a 2002 Ford Escape with the MACH 6-CD changer original equipment sound system.

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