Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I was trying for a solid WEEK to remove a factory radio from my '99 Hyundai Accent- one of those cars where you have to mess with those vent cables to get the radio out. The Metra install guide was infuriating, as their little comment of 'remove the heater and vent cables' was clearly not written for the 1st timer. Man, I spent 2 solid days yanking at one of the cables (I didn't even know a lower AC cable existed :P!), and assumed I had to get some type of super slim socket wrench to remove the glove box- didn't know you can just squeeze the box and pull it all down! I can't tell you how many times I thought of just cutting those vent wires alltogether... I was minutes away from just giving up all hope and calling some shop around here- I would have been so demoralized. I had already soldered wires and stuff in college and was looking forward to installing the new radio myself. BUT YOUR IN-DEPTH GUIDE SAVED THE DAY!!!! So those vent pins DO push in.... I must say Hyundai and whoever else has adopted this setup has created one of the most useful radio anti-theft systems known to man. YOU GUYS ROCK!! BEST $7 I'VE SPENT IN A LONG TIME!!!

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