Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dear Guys at Car Stereo Help dot com,
A few weeks ago I purchased the removal instructions for my wife's 2000 Chrysler Sebring stereo to investigate & hopefully get repaired, a drowned amp & a stuck cd changer - typical problems from what I'm told.
First off -     I watched a local <professional> take this car apart once before to remove & repair the cd changer;
                Your directions were much more well thought out & tookmuch less time & tool use !   BRAVO !
Second -        You redirected me to another Radio Service in upstate NY.  They were fabulous; less than 2 weeks, day out to day back,
                and very supportive of the problem w/ the amp and offered to replace it - even tho the core was trashed - for the rebuilt
                price. Again - an excellent call on your part, with excellent service on theirs.
To FCSR  add this letter to your "Great Job !" pile and be sure that u r on my Highly Recommended list
 from now on !

Best Regards,

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