Thursday, April 19, 2012


Subject: Avalon in-dash 6CD repair
 Dear Sirs - you were the only website that I could find that explained how to remove the 6CD/Radio/Cassette unit from my 2001 Toyota Avalon
 XLS. Thankyou!! For that I would like to send my unit to you for an estimate  and possible repair.
 First,let me detail the problem so that you can respond as  to whether you think you can fix it and what a ballpark estimate might be.I can load all six discs. One CD(the numberone disc)might play (a very, very small chance -
slightly higher if I load only one disc v. more). When not playing (99% of the time) it simply will go into an endless loop - ie. cycling/shuffling through all
 six discs (or however many I have loaded) endlessly without playing any of them. This will continue even after I power down the unit or turn the car off!
In order to stop this constant shuffling of discs I haveto eject them. Pressing the eject button once doesn't work - it will beep but do nothing - I have to
 hold it down for a length of time (or press it repeatedly) to get them out. This problem has progressly got worse.
 It only used to occur occasionally (usually when I changed to the next disc or the previous one). The car must be turned off before I can try to
play a disc again. I have been able to play store bought CD's and my own CDR's. I can't remember exactly (no that I have removed the unit) but I think the LCD simply states "error" when this happens.
 Let me know if it worth sending to you and what an estimate might be. If it looks good, I'll send down immediately.

Bob - so far, the unit is working great - thanks for the repair!

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