Thursday, April 5, 2012

Removal Instructions

I received my radio back from your company on Thursday (07-29) and immediately returned it to my 2005 Camry. THANKS! It works great and I appreciate it very much!
With your instructions I was able to easily remove it and then reinstall it. The time to reinstall was about half of what it took me to remove.
My only recommendation to the directions is this:  Separate each of the two panels (ventilation control panel and the clock/thermostat panel) from the wiring harnesses prior to removing the radio. This will eliminate having to work around these panels that somewhat get in the way.
Thanks again for the precise instruction of removal and the repair of my CD/AM/FM radio...I'm very happy now!
PS: You are welcome to use my testimony in your website; I'm also spreading the word of your company for repairs to radios.

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