Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let me introduce myself: My name is Dan manager of Bose Automotive Systems Division Service.
An associate brought your website to my attention.I am impressed with how you are marketing your services and with the positive image you are promoting towards Bose and the repair of our systems.It is obvious that understand customer service satisfaction and the value of brand equity as you are promoting to your customers to keep their oem system entact,which maintains the value of their vehicle.It is refreshing to see this ,and likewise Bose feels that his is important.
For this reason I am contacting you to inquire if your company might be interested in entertaining a discussion to investigate a possible relationship with Bose as a factory authorized repair service.Such a relationship could be beneficial in our allowing authorized limited use of our name in your advertising,and our referring of automotive consumer service inquiries to you ,as well as our possible linking of your website to our corporate website to promote e-commerce.In addition,you would be able to purchase original factory service parts from Bose-the source.
If this idea is of interest ,I would like to hear from you. We might also be interested in taking a trip to your facility and discuss our marketing vision with you and your staff.
Look forward to hearing form you soon.
Respectfully yours.

Worldwide service  Bose Automotive Systems Division.
Bose Corporation.
The Mountain
Mailstop RD-30
Framington,MA 01701-9168

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