Thursday, April 19, 2012


A few months ago, the CD player in my 1993 Cadillac Alllante ate one of my favorite CD's and would not give it back.

I contacted a friend in the local Chicago Allante club, and he recommended carstereohelp.com to fix my problem.

Since I was headed to Florida anyway, I decided to take my car to the carstereohelp factory - rather that trying to extricate the CD player and send it.  This is one of the best car repair decisions I have ever made.

I met Bob (the owner) - and he immediately began working on my Allante.  My job was made more difficult because my CD unit - and the other attached controls - had never been removed from the car.  There are a couple nasty bolts under the unit that make the removal process VERY difficult.

Two hours later, I drove away with a newly installed CD player for only $190.  I did not get charged for the labor (just like the website said).  I could not be happier with the results.


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