Thursday, September 20, 2012



I have purposely waited a couple of months since you repaired the Bose amps for my 1990 Allante so I could get some playing time on the system to make a better evaluation.  Well, the system sounds great and I have purposely made it work hard to see if the amps would hold up to the test and they passed with flying colors. 

The whole business process that I experienced with your firm was very professional.  The previous owner had replaced the original speakers with aftermarket 4 ohm units and rewired around the amps.  Obviously there was not much sound coming from these speakers.  I happened to source 4 Bose replacement speakers and remounted them but I was uncertain of the wire polarity.  Your technician repaired the amps , filled the after- market speaker mounting holes and completed the speaker wiring.  His work was everything that you advertised and more. 

I will be sending the CD player next for servicing.

Thanks again for providing a great service,

Best regards,


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