Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello Car Stereo Removal.com,
Just wanted to thank you for your accurate and useful instructions.
Despite being a newcomer to car stereo repair and a total klutz I was
able to replace the Monsoon stereo on a 04 Hyundai Santa Fe without
breaking anything. What a great service!
Can I make a few suggestions, though?
1. Maybe suggest the right tools for the job - we didn't know what
tool to use to pry panels out and it was unclear from your photos. But
we managed somehow
2. We also didn't know if we should disconnect the car battery first -
remember, we are newbies here. You should put that on top of your page
in big red letters.
3. Maybe give some tips on the type of connectors used inside the
panels - do you squeeze, twist, or what?
4. Also, your instructions were not numbered correctly. It was like
1,1,1,1. But it's not a big deal.
It seems like your instructions assume a level of knowledge we did not
have! But it worked out fine anyhow. Thanks again.
BTW, I will also pass along your address to the people who sold me the
replacement radio on ebay and hope they will suggest your service to
their future customers.
David and Holly Doran (my wife was a big help here. She has small hands)

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