Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi fellas , hoping business is going great. Let me say that on two vehicles especially your site was a great time/money saver. The instructions for the ACURA NSX, as well as the 2003 INFINITI G35 , where you have to take off most of the front dash to remove the head unit was invaluable to me. The LEXUS site, where you caution about the metal tabs in the air vents, was also very benificial. It seemed to me that that vent would crack if you looked at it too hard. In all three cases all went well thanks to you. I run a one man operation in audio repairs here in Miami, and while I can pretty much remove most units because of my 25 years experience, it's good to know I can access your site to get proffesional instructions to remove those units I haven't run into before, and are not your run of the mill removal. Thank you again for your help, it's worth every dollar to me. 

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