Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Thank you. Thank you, The radio in my 2002 Toyota Echo stopped putting out audio. The lights came on and it appeared to play cds, the iPod and the radio, but I had no sound. I was convinced that the amp was blown and I needed a new radio. After shopping around I had decided on a radio that I wasn't really thrilled about, but despite its ugly color scheme and its bright neon lights, it met my needs and I was about to go today to get it and have it installed. Then last night I read about the connectors on the trunk speakers and first thing this morning, I was outside in my nightgown peering at the connectors. Nothing seemed broken, but one was bent and I realized that 2 connectors were making contact. I gently straightened out the strip holding the 2 connectors, separating them from each other. I turned the key in the ignition and The radio WORKED !!  I am a happy driver once again, although my husband is disappointed because he thought that his holiday shopping was gonna be easy.
 Thanks again. I donated through PayPal.   Karen G.

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