Tuesday, May 15, 2012


  My wife's CD player quit working properly in her Explorer so being the "man" I was commissioned to rewire it.  My initial repair attempt involved a table knife which, of course, did not work.  I then utilized my "phone a friend" and got an incorrect answer.  I pushed all of the buttons in all possible combinations, all possible pressure combinations and repetitions.  It was at this point I decided to remove the radio.  As I saw no easy coat hanger or paper clip holes, I checked with Google.  After moving through several sites that answered anything but what I needed, I came to your site.  Very good information on how to remove a radio which I was able to perform flawlessly.  It was at this point that I wondered what I would do with the radio now that I have it out.  My mind went into overdrive and directed me to go back to your site and check your radio repair advice.  Again, excellent instruction!!  I quickly put the instructions to use and disconnected the battery for a couple of minutes and, presto, problem solved except for explaining to my wife why I had taken her dash apart and radio out to disconnect the battery.  I make up some marginally believable story that she bought and she thanked me for giving her music for her trip this weekend.
    I appreciate your site and the accurate information provided at no cost.  You have made every attempt to prevent people like me from taking the dash apart but I must confess, sometimes you can't cure ignorance!
Thank You,

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