Tuesday, May 22, 2012



A belated thanks to your folks (Jim) for the recent installation of my JBL speakers in my ’98 Ford F-150 SC pickup.  The job was done well, the speakers sound great, your folks made me feel at home while I waited, and I enjoyed talking with them.

In addition, Jim checked the passenger door remote locking mechanism while the panel was off – I have a bad locking motor, so I’ll have another repair project for me in the near future.   

So… you now have the pix for speaker removal/installation for a ’97-’98 Ford F-150 3 door Extended Cab pickup, my speakers have been replaced, and Bob, I thank you and your folks!  Look forward to seeing pictures of my ride on your website.

I’ll be sure to put out the word to my friends & associates about your business.

 Be well,  

Kevan . 

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