Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It was nice meeting you last week and thanks for the quick turnaround on my Acura NSX stereo repair.  I enjoyed sitting in your reception area and reading all of the e-mail testimonials posted on the wall - hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers - and now I am one of them!
You have an excellent reputation and a first class operation.  I still think that you will have to expand or at least put up a few more walls so that you can post all of the e-mails and letters!
I found you initially on the web, like most of your other customers.  Frankly, I didn't even check with my local Acura dealer, since I was pretty sure that they would just recommend replacing the entire unit.  So I had a good chuckle yesterday when I was at the service department and thought to ask about how they repaired Bose systems.  "We send them to some guy in Longwood.  He does a great job."  In fact, they had another NSX in for repairs and had just sent the Bose unit off to you!
Nothing does a better job of promoting a great business than word of mouth.  You, sir have a lot of folks singing your praises.
Thanks again for a job well done.  The drive back seemed a lot shorter with the stereo blasting!
Best regards,

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