Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The cassette player in  my '91 Honda Accord stopped accepting cassettes about 6 months ago. A tape remained stuck in it so it wouldn't play.
My dealer wanted $225 to fix it.My local car Stereo shop wanted $250 to replace it with an Alpine unit. Either way too much money for an old car.

I turned to Ebay and won a '92 Honda radio/cass. I thought it would be fairly obvious how to replace it .WRONG!
Luckily I found your wonderful website. Within an hr (after buying 90-degree Phillips screwdriver at H.Depot) I had successfully accomplished the radio transplant. The patient is doing fine.

I also own a '93 Infiniti j30 .About a year ago the rad/cas /cd player refused to accept cassettes.The dealer removed the entire unit and it to California where apparently all Factory Radio service is performed. I wish I had known that  you service Bose factory installs,because I could have saved time                 ( it was gone for at least a month) You charge about two thirds of what I paid.
On your website you mention that if I 'appreciated' your removal instructions I should send $2.00.Those Instructions were worth a lot more,please accept my $5.
Keep up the good work.

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