Friday, April 6, 2012


Hello from England

I just spent US$6.99 on your instructions for removing factory stereo from my Jeep.

At 1 GBP = 1.89926USD that's £3.68 or just a tad over what 3 liters [4/5 of a US gall!] of diesel costs us here now. I note that you are paying a price we haven't seen since G.W.Bush wore short pants - £0.60p/liter! About enough to fill my shoe ... why would I want to do that? ...

Smile while you tank up, America! And leave a little over for us guys!

Anyway, cut to the chase. I haven't tried the instructions yet - download and copy just before cocktail time round my place - but it looks very much as if you have saved me something excess of US$300, judging by what the so-called Service Manager at my local Jeep Main Dealer told me. I have had dark suspicions about the content of the skulls of these guys. S**t for brains, is what I believe. It added up to a demolition derby of most of the trim across the front of the vehicle - and the same again in rewind to put it all back together again. And that didn't include fitting the new sounds.

So, if all goes according to plan, I will send you another crazy message, embedded within which I hope you'll find more appreciation of your excellent instructions

Salud! Na zdrowie! Your very good health!

Bristol. England.

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