Thursday, April 5, 2012

Removal Instructions

Dear Bob,
I paid for the removal info and then looked at connector data for my '92 Crown Vic, which you offer for a donation.  Not sure how soon I will get to this job, but I took out the oem radio with a cassette player a year ago and bought a used Pioneer CD stereo to install.  Amazing number of connectors in the dashboard, some of which were plugged in and one of which was just stowed in the cavity, presumably for a different radio.
Anyway, I think that the amp may have gone south, but have not pulled it.  Too many other chores on 3.5 acres.  Your advice to buy a cable to bypass the amp makes a world of sense.
Saves on gas, not having tunes.  Who wants to drive?
When you compare what I paid you with the stereo connector with pigtails I bought last year for $15.00, I appreciate the info you provide at a reasonable cost.  I have not looked at JBL's website to see if they offer data for my amp.
All for all, I feel seriously obsolete.  Two-degreed EE, and ham license:  KZ5HAM, no lie.  And still I am puzzled by this radio setup.
Me and the car are Over the Hill.   :)
Again thanks for your service.  Paul

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