Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It is 7pm on Saturday, June 10th, and I have just finished putting my speakers back into my 'Vette after receiving them yesterday about 7pm via UPS.  After getting them back in, I took my fiance' for a ride to listen to them.  They sound fantastic.  Whenever I bought my 'Vette, a friend had had it garaged for years, and I knew that I was going to have to fix some things on it such as the flip-up headlights and the speakers/amps, and some other things.  My fiance' is the one who found your web site,  he said "Darlin, it's worth a try."  Your instructions were easy to follow.  And when I phoned, Joyce took my call and she was very personable and helpful with my questions and then she transferred me to Jim who was able to answer all my questions and they were both very patient.  I appreciate all the help and advisement they gave me in answering all the questions I had.  I would recommend you to anyone needing their Bose system or speakers repaired.  I have recommended you to the mechanic who repairs my car and he wanted me to give him copies of the info I had printed about your services.  He repairs lots of Corvettes and other models and he wanted me to let him know how this endeavor turned out.  I am very pleased and satisfied.  I shipped them to you on Tuesday of last week (5/30) and today is Saturday (6/10) and they are back in my car. 
Thanks again for all the help, this is the last thing I have to do to my 'Vette to restore it, it's like a new car now.
Carol .

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